Version Controlling

All the team members upload their code into a remote server
which is called as code repository or a version controlling
system.This Version Controlling system accepts the code uploads multiple team members
and it integrates the code into a single project.Next time
when the team members download the code they will be able to
access not only their code but also the code created by the
entire team.

Version Controlling system’s preserve older and later versions of the code so that the
team members can toggle between what ever version they want

Version Controlling system ‘s keep a track of who is making what kind of changes at what time

Version Controlling system ‘s are classified into 2 types
1 Centralised Version Controlling
2 Distributed Version Controlling

Centralised Version Controlling
Here we have a remote server where version controlling is done
All the team members simply upload their code(checkin) into this
remote servers

Distributed Version Controlling
Here we have a local repository on every team members machine where
the code is committed into and in the local repository version
controlling happens at the level of the individual team member
Later this can be checkedin into a remote server where version
controlling happens at the level of the entire team.

Installing git on Windows
1 Open https://git-scm.com/downloads
2 Download git for Windows—>Install it
3 Once git is installed we get an application called
git bash.This is the command prompt of git where we can
execute the git commands

Installing Git on Ubuntu
1 Open terminal in ubuntu
2 Update the apt repository
sudo apt-get update
3 Install git
sudo apt-get install -y git

Installing RHEL,Centos,Fedora
1 Open terminal in the linux server
2 Update the yum repository
yum -y update
3 Install git
yum install -y git

Setting up username and email globally for all users on a specific machine

git config –global user.name “sai krishna”
git config –global user.email “intelliqittrainings@gmail.com”

To see the list of configurations on git
git config –global –list

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