Branching in Git
This is a feature of git which allows team memebrs to create 
code related to vaious functionalities on different branches
and later merge them with the "master" branch."Master" is the
deafult branch of git

Branching helps us to create the code in an unclutterd way

1 To see the list of all the local branches
  git branch
2 To see the list of all the branches (local and remote)
  git branch -a

3 To create a new branch
  git branch branch_name

4 To move into a specific branch
  git checkout branch_name

5 To create a branch and also move into it
  git checkout -b branch_name

6 To merge a branch
  git merge branch_name

7 To delete a branch that is already merged
  git branch -d branch_name
  This is also called as soft delete

8 To delete a branch that is not merged
  git branch -D branch_name
  This is also called as hard delete

Note: Whenever a branch is created the entire commit history of 
the parent branch will be copied into the new branch

Note: Irrespecive of on which branch a file is created or modified git
only check from whcih branch it is commited and that file belongs to
the commited branch only

Working on remote Gitreposiotry(github)
1 Open github.com---->Singup for a free acoount
2 Signin into that account

Uploading the code into github(Checkin)
1 Signin int github.com
2 Click on + on TopRight corner
3 Click on New Repository
4 Enter some reposiotry name--->Select Public or Private
5 Click on Create repository
6 Go to "push an exisiting reposiotry from command line"
  Copy and paste the fitst command
  This will create a link between the local and the remote repository
7 To upload the code
  git push -u origin master
  Enter username and password of github

Downloading the code from github
This can be done in 3 ways
1 git clone
2 git fetch
3 git pull

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