Setup of tomcat on QA and ProdServer


1 Connect ot QA server AWS isntance using git bash

2 Update the apt repository

sudo apt-get update

3 Install tomcat8

sudo apt-get install -y tomcat8

4 Install tomcat8-admin

sudo apt-get install -y tomcat8-admin

5 Edit the tomcat-users.xml file

cd /etc/tomcat8

sudo vim tomcat-users.xml

Delete the entire content of the file and add the below statement


<user username=”intelliqit” password=”intelliqit” roles=”manager-script”/>


6 Restart tomcat8

sudo service tomcat8 restart

Note: Repeat the above six steps on the ProdServer AWS instance

Stage 1 (Continuous Download)


1 Open the dashboard of Jenkins

2 Click on New item—>Enter item name as “Development”

3 Select Free Style Project—->OK

4 Go to Source Code Management

5 Select Git

6 Enter the Github url where developers have uploaded the code


7 Click on Apply—->Save

8 Go to the dashbaord of Jenkins

9 Go to the development job—>Click on Build icon

This job will downlaod all the code from the remote github in the

JenkinServer AWS instance

Stage 2 (Continuous Build)


1 Go to the dashboard of Jenkins

2 Go to the Development job—->Click on Configure

3 Go to Build section—>Click on Add Build step

4 Click on Invoke Top Level Maven targets

5 Enter the Goal : package

6 Click on apply—>Save

7 Go to the dashboard of Jenkins—->Go to Development job

Click on Build icon

This job will will convert the downlaoded code into an artifact

This artifact comes in the format of a war file

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