Linking of docker containers (Part-1)
Multiple docker containers can be linked with each other
to create a multi container architecture.This is generally used to setup
the required Development environment or Testing environment.

Linking can be done in the following 3 ways
1 –link option (Legacy)
2 docker-compose
3 Docker networking

 –link is a option used in run command and it is deprecated.
I will discuss docker networking and docker compose in another
article where we will create a multi container architecture 
in a much better way but for now we will use –link option.

Let us take a use case where 2 busybox(a flavor of Linux) containers
are linked with each other using the –link option.If this linking is
done we should be able to ping from one busybox to another busybox

You can watch the below video to understand this practically
Step by step command are also provided in the document

Linking 2 Busybox docker containers


1 Create a busybox container and name it c1
docker run –name c1 -it busybox

2 come out of the first busy contianer without exit

3 Create another busybox container c2 and link it with c1
docker run –name c1 -it –link c1:intelliqit_busybox busybox

4 Check if we can ping from the c2 container to c1 container
ping c1


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